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Rebel Impound Job [QB]



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This is a perfect script if you want to enhance roleplay and realism on your server. 

How does it work?

Impound workers can look up a registration plate using the impound menu. If the plate does not exist, the search is cancelled, but if the plate does exist, a list of cars with the same plate will be displayed. The worker can select one of the cars and get a list with information about the car. Once the worker has reviewed the information and determined that it is the correct car, the worker can send an email to the player who owns the car. The player receives an email, once the player accepts the email the impound fee is deducted and the player's car is spawned in an available spot. If the player's car already exists, the old one is deleted. 


・Changeable locations

・Payments gets transferred directly to the worker and society account

・Base reward if you want the player to get a set payment plus a percentage of the vehicles cost

・The old vehicle gets deleted to prevent duplication

・Only spawns car when there is a parking spot available.

・Choose between qb-menu and zf_context

・Choose between qb-input and zf_dialog

・Choose between oxmysql, mysql-async and ghmattimysql


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