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Rebel Moneywash [QB]



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Introducing our advanced money laundering system by Rebel Scripts. Say goodbye to broken and unreliable money laundering systems and hello to our secure and robust script. With detailed discord webhooks, you can monitor your players' money laundering actions in real time, giving you added protection and security.

Our new experience system not only provides a new way for players to grind on your server, but also creates healthy competition between them. Players with more experience will earn more money and have the potential to dominate the money laundering scene.


  • Fully unlocked and 100% original and secure code
  • Experience system for added competition and reward
  • Detailed discord webhooks for real-time monitoring
  • Highly customizable config to fit your server's needs.
  • 4 pre-configured washing machines and 8 pre-configured dryers
  • Wash and dry times based on the amount of money being laundered for added realism.