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Introducing Rebel Trucking: the ultimate delivery script for FiveM servers. With Rebel Trucking, players can easily transport goods across the city and earn rewards for their efforts. The script is highly configurable, allowing you to add new delivery routes with their own unique properties. Players are paid according to the distance of the delivery, ensuring that the longer the journey, the more they earn.

To begin a delivery, players simply visit the Trucking HQ and open the menu. From there, they can choose from a range of deliveries, each with its own unique properties such as reward amount, deposit requirements, and trailer options. The script also features a rental option for players who don't own a truck, as well as a range of security checks to prevent exploitation.

With Rebel Trucking, players can enjoy a fun and immersive delivery experience, with the added convenience of configurable options and customizable settings. Try it out today and see what Rebel Trucking can do for you!


  • Customizable delivery options: easily add or remove deliveries through the config
  • Rental option for players without their own truck
  • Distance-based payment system
  • Required vehicle for starting a delivery
  • Deposit checks with adjustable amounts for each delivery
  • Randomized delivery and trailer locations for added replayability
  • Variable payment amounts for each delivery
  • Selectable reward type for each delivery
  • Customizable trailer options for each delivery
  • Realistic trailer spawning: only spawns trailer when close to pick-up location and there are no objects blocking the spawn area
  • Fully customizable text and blip properties through the config


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