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Rebel Bobcat [QB]



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Looking for a high-quality, fully functional bobcat script for your FiveM server? Our script is the perfect solution!

Our bobcat script is fully synced for all players, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for your community. From the explosions to the loot trays, everything is in perfect sync.

We've spent months testing and debugging our script, so you can be sure it's completely bug-free. Plus, with our highly customizable config, you can tailor the script to your server's specific needs.

Optimized for speed and performance, our bobcat script is fully unencrypted and made to be used with Gabz Bobcat MLO. Stop settling for generic and boring scripts - try ours today and see the difference for yourself!


  • Fully unlocked
  • Heavily Optimized (0.00ms)
  • Fully synced for all players
  • Dynamic Loot
  • Highly customizable config
  • Made for Gabz Bobcat MLO


We have only tested the esx version on esx legacy but it probably works on other version aswell