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Rebel Brewery [ESX]



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Rebel Brewery was created for Junior's Interiors Brewery MLO, you can of course change the locations of everything in the configuration, but support on how to do that will not be provided.

So why would you buy this script?*

This script will give your community many new roleplay possibilities. The script is very unique and has never been done before, which will give your server a professional and unique feel. The script is also made with all the best practices which makes it 100% optimized for use in a live environment. You won't find any errors as I have tested the script on a live server with 32+ players for 1 week with no errors reported. We have integrated 7 different Discord Webhook logs so the business owners and the server staff will have full control. So what are you waiting for? Purchase the script now for only $24.99


・ 100% Unencrypted

・ Original Code

・ You can easily add more recipes through the config

・ Fully rigged with Discord Webhooks

・ Clean Menus

・ Pretty much everything you can think of is editable in the config