Rebel Gabz Fleecas [ESCROW]

noOpen Source
yesQBCore Ready
yesESX Ready
yesQBOX Ready
yesCustom Ready

🌟 Rebel Gabz Fleeca Heists | Advanced and fully synced heists for the Gabz fleecas 🌟

Watch Preview Video Here 🎥


✅ Works for all servers

🔥 Unique Animations

🛠️Individual Bank Cooldowns

⚡️100% Synced

🌟 Smooth Gameplay

🤝 User Friendly

✅Made for the Gabz Fleecas

⚡️ 0 Resmon Usage

🛠️ Easy Configuration


💡 Rebel Lib

⚡️Map - Gabz

Supported Frameworks:

🔧 QBCore



🔧 Standalone/Custom

Supported Target Systems:

🔧 No Target System (Drawtext)

🔧 ox_target

🔧 qb-target

🔧 bt-target

🔧 qtarget

Rebel Gabz Fleecas [ESCROW]

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Rebel Gabz Fleecas [ESCROW]

24.90 GBP

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